Giving Generously

Giving is at the heart of loving. To love is to give. Those who have ‘freely received’ the grace of God and are being transformed by his love find themselves increasingly wanting to ‘freely give’ as an expression of thanks and worship. Of course this will include time and talents but also ‘treasure’, in the sense of material resources and money. Jesus has a great deal to say about money, not least because it seems to hold a special power, either to enslave and trap people or to be the source of enjoying and releasing great blessing. God encourages the habit of generous giving for a whole host of reasons but none of them are to ‘pay him back’ or as a kind of subscription to the church! Ultimately, to give generously - in money, time and talents - is a liberating thing that not only blesses others but helps release us to grow too. No-one ever regrets being generous!

“Freely you have received; freely give”
Matthew 10:8

HOW to grow a healthy habit of: Giving Generously

This may be challenging but it is not complicated or hard to understand! One key is to keep reflecting on the generosity of God and trusting him as Provider.

First Steps

  1. Take a risk! Start tithing - that is to say, giving 10% of your gross weekly/monthly income away
  2. After 3 or 6 months, review what’s happened - to your bank balance, to your heart and to your relationship with God
  3. Share your experiment with someone you trust who can pray and support you along the way

Going Deeper

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