Being filled with the Holy Spirit

According to the Bible, walking with God is not possible without the active enabling of his Holy Spirit. In a mysterious way, God promises not only to be with us, for us, ahead of us, behind us, beneath and above us - but also in us, through his Holy Spirit who takes up residence in the lives of those who open themselves to him. We may or may not always sense his presence but learning to ‘keep in step’ with the Holy Spirit is a key to living as Jesus’ follower; actively partnering with him by listening, developing a sensitivity to his ways, responding in trusting obedience to his promptings. Just as a sponge needs regular soaking in order to be filled and effective, so God exhorts us to be filled again and again with his life-giving Spirit in order to know the enabling we need to fulfil his purposes.

“Be filled with the Holy Spirit!”
Ephesians 5:18

HOW to grow a healthy habit of: Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

There is no formula to this - no set place or context within which being filled with the Holy Spirit happens or doesn’t. It is not dependent on your good behaviour, level of maturity, feelings, circumstances etc.

First Steps

  1. Ask! That’s pretty much it. Ask God to fill you with his Holy Spirit.
  2. Ask regularly - why not make it a daily prayer?
  3. Ask by yourself; ask when in the company of other believers, e.g. at Life Group
  4. Invite others to pray for you to be filled with the Holy Spirit e.g. respond to invitations on Sundays.
  5. Trust that your Father hears and answers that prayer - there may be some kind of emotional or physical evidence that you experience when the Holy Spirit fills you; or there may not.

Going Deeper

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