Communicating Good News

The choice to follow Jesus is good news for us – and for everyone. While we will always respect the diversity of lifestyle and faith around us, at the heart of our faith is the conviction that a decision to follow Jesus is the best decision that anyone could make. This informs and directs both our personal faith, and our life together, as we are re-united with our Father. To those who have encountered the saving love of God, it would be unloving to keep it to ourselves!

However, the ways we set about this are of critical importance; and change with culture and context. We may have seen cringe-worthy methods of “evangelism” that judge, embarrass or just fail to connect. Alongside this, our post-modern culture both allows freedom of expression (which helps); but also mistrusts any world view that is offered as “right” for everyone.

Alongside lives that radiate the presence of the Spirit, we will bring our own range of skills and personality to being and expressing Good News, in our own settings: seeking to communicate thoughtfully across cultures, through compassion, service and words, in ways that carry integrity and are offered in love. All sorts of support and training are available!

“… keep your hearts at attention, in adoration before Christ, your Master. Be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are, and always with the utmost courtesy”.
1 Peter 3:15, The Message.

Once we experience what God has done for us in Jesus as “good news”, our desire to communicate it rightly grows; it becomes less a duty, and more of a joyful sharing. People don’t like being preached at but generally listen with interest to what has “worked” for us – provided we offer this authentically and graciously.

First Steps

  • It’s helpful to be able to tell our own story about how we came to faith. If you’ve not done it before – write down a brief summary, including the difference that your faith in Jesus makes to life today.
  • Pray regularly for opportunities to be able to share something of your experiences of Jesus, however small they may seem.
  • Learn a short summary of how to choose to follow Jesus – perhaps something like the depth of God’s love for us, the human predicament of estrangement from Him, the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the need to respond to this.
  • Jesus didn’t threaten, argue or cajole people into agreeing – it’s rarely an effective way to draw people to faith! Focus on the difference that following Jesus makes to you today. Tell your stories!

Going Deeper

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